PR Services

We bridge the gaps of traditional PR approach & use our psychometric perception building frameworks to identify the brand problems & hence define tailor-made solutions for different objectives like brand awareness, audience engagement, a higher share of voice (SOV), thought leadership, product leadership, reputation management & other. We believe in the power of communications & value content at the core of PR. These basic principles help us in driving business results for the brands & doing case study worthy work.

Public relation is an opportune mix of,

  • Communication
  • Timing.
  • Audience Targeting.
  • Distribution Channels (Publications).
  • Amplification.
  • Cross Promotions.
  • Seeding.

PR Steps

pr steps

Step 1

Research about the category & create a benchmark of content strategies that can work for the brand.

Step 2

Identify the topics of influence that speak to your brand’s target buyers.

Step 3

Vet & improvise
Vet & improvise the influencers who are a good contextual fit with your brand.Look for content quality, reach, engagement and an alignment of brand values.

Step 4

Relate and engage
Relate and engage with to your target influencers via email and other social channels. Ask them to partner with your brand and offer them compensation to create mutually beneficial relationships.

Step 5

Measure all earned media and identify which influencers and which topics lift your brand the most.